Visit K'gari (Fraser Island) by 4WD

The worlds largest sand Island is best experienced by way of a 4wd (four wheel drive) vehicle, all the roads/tracks on Fraser are sand. As the Island is all sand, travelling consists of beach driving, with a combination of 4wd sand tracks to link the interior of the Island. 


The most popular and easiest way to access the Island is via Rainbow Beach to Inskip Point and catching one of Manta Ray Barges.  This is approx 2 and a half hours drive from Brisbane. This barge runs during daylight hours and does not require booking,  The barge trip takes about 10 minutes and can be paid for on the barge or at the Manta Ray office in Rainbow Beach. For more details on Manta Ray Barges go to  At Rainbow Beach you can also pick up a vehicle beach driving permit and camping permit from Qld National Parks Ranger office.


Note: Manta Ray Barges lands at the southern end of the Island at Hook Point.  It is worth checking tide times as the beach at the southern end of the island can be impassable at times of high tide.  Alternatively, you would need to take the inland bypass track which is time consuming and rough.


From here you will experience some of the best beach four wheel driving in the world as you make your way to your accommodation - be it in one of the resorts, houses or at one of the many highly maintained camping areas. For information on camping on Fraser Island go to



Visit fraser Island by 4wd with Brisbane to Beach 4wd hire .

You will not require camping permits if staying in one of the Resorts on Fraser Island at Eurong Village, Happy Valley, Yidney Rocks or Kingfisher Bay resort or one of the houses available for rent on the island.

On Fraser Island, Brisbane to Beach 4WD’s are limited to as far north as Ngkala Rocks. Road rules apply on the Island.


Visit Fraser Island by 4wd with Brisbane to Beach 4wd hire


Visit fraser Island by 4wd with Brisbane to Beach 4wd hire

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